Our Logo

Seeba group of companies

Seeba Group of Companies

The name “Seeba” conjures all that is associated with quality and trust. It resonates the hard work, innovation, professionalism, and above all, integrity, that have helped us gain a high degree of satisfaction from our customers and contributed towards our success.

Our logo – a symbolic representation these traits – personifies us, ideates our roots and beliefs and exhibits our virtues and principles that bind us together.

The Peacock

Portrayed in the centre is a peacock, India’s national bird, signifying our commitment towards the ‘Make in India’ initiative and creating growing value for the Indian economy.

The “S”

The “S” within the peacock stands for “S”eeba, “S”incerity, and “S”trength, integral to our Group image.

The colour “Red” and “Grey” 

The colour red in the logo signifies aggression – our passion, energy and strength to excel in everything we do, while the grey represents balance and years of wisdom behind our brand.

The Outer Circle

The outer circle ties this all together and symbolises our strong and stable partnerships that are built and maintained over years.

Our logo serves as an umbrella for our Group and signals the common values that guide our behaviour in all our entrepreneurial activities.