Our Principles

Our businesses are firmly founded on five key principles – our “pillars of strength” – Creativity, Quality, Punctuality, Integrity and Professionalism.


“Creativity is just connecting things”. To be able to differentiate ourselves from the rest to succeed, we aspire to do something creative everyday.

We focus on creative research and development to enhance our competitive edge in pricing and product quality. We have accumulated years of professional and practical experience in producing various stainless steel products that not only satisfies the functional need of the end-consumer, but also soothes their aesthetic preference. Knowing how different raw materials react to different manufacturing processes and how raw material thickness plays a role in the ultimate look and feel of the product are important traits, which are only gained through years of learning and experience.


“Quality comes first” in anything and everything we do and by choice, we rather be the best than the biggest.

We have always believed in uncompromising quality standards. Our two-step philosophy of developing with creativity and surviving with quality has helped us optimise and efficiently use our resources. Our rigorous inspection and quality control process ensure that only the best product is shipped out of the door – exactly the way we would have liked to see it if we were the consumer. This has helped us achieve a favourable corporate image and earn outstanding achievements in the industry.


“Time is money” – be it yours or ours.

We highly value the importance of time and this has resulted in us being absolutely professional and punctual about our commitments. No business can thrive without good management – time or otherwise, and we are no different. We believe that optimum utilisation of time also means a clear and focused mind that leads to optimum productivity. Our customers, as well as our suppliers and service providers, are aware of the “Seeba time guarantee” and we are confident of their positive feedback.


“Do what is right, not what is easy”. Reputation is much like a“domino tile” game – it takes a long time to build and a fraction of time to destroy.

Our reputation has been built on product innovation, creativity, trust and most importantly, integrity. Integrity is a core value in our businesses, and our goal is to do business honestly and fairly. Sincerity, humility and honesty are at the heart of our businesses. We expect our employees to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do, both professionally and personally. We are known to “do what we say and say what we do”, and whilst this philosophy may not provide for short term profits, they will definitely contribute towards our long term success.


Say “what we do” and do “what we say”.

The framework of our businesses is founded on the plinth of professionalism. Being professional in all our operations gives us utmost pride. A business may earn sufficiently, but it cannot succeed without imbibing a professional attitude. We believe that professionalism in its true sense means adhering to one’s core principles, in all circumstances, at all times. It has always been the steering factor of our businesses. For us, professionalism is not just a value, it is virtuosity.