Seeba Capital Management

Private Equity Investments

Seeba Capital Management (SCM) is, our Founder, Badri Baldawa’s proprietary investment office based in Mumbai, India.

Our motto is “Partner. Build. Grow” and thus, we look to partner with rather than invest in businesses. Another underlying theme of our strategy is “entrepreneurship” – meaning we prefer to partner with entrepreneur–led, inspirational and promising early stage or growing companies in India and overseas.

We are a uniquely positioned partner, given our own entrepreneurial experience and expertise across various sectors and geographies over the past few decades. Sector agnostic in nature, we are interested in any business – national or global – that has the potential to build brand and scale. Over the years, we have partnered with Manufacturing, Trading, Distribution, Education, Waste Management, Real Estate, Agriculture as well as AIM (Alternative Investment Management) businesses.  We invest across all asset classes, be it fixed income; preferential or direct equity.

In line with our motto, our primary requirement is the alignment of the long-term vision with the entrepreneur/ potential partner, and not just short-term solutions.  Besides providing the much needed capital, we provide businesses and entrepreneurs with valuable mentorship and guidance that enriches our association.

If you are keen to partner with us, we encourage you to share a plan or write to us, for investment consideration at

 “There are no bad business and investment opportunities, but there are bad entrepreneurs and investors” – Robert Kiyosaki.